Marching Towards Success: The Positive Impact of Veterans on Company Reputation

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Since the start of SaluteMyJob’s journey, we have been championing veterans - ‘shouting from the rooftops’ about their diverse set of skills. We truly understand why this unique talent pool would be of huge value to any employer across a broad range of industries.  Investing in veterans truly pays off - and we have the proof! 

We work closely with employers who understand what veterans can bring to their workplace, as well as working with employers who are keen to create a pipeline of military talent but are unsure on where to start. 

Proof in the Data

According to a recent Government guide to employing veterans, those already employing ex-military personnel, ‘can readily identify proficiency in key skills and attributes which are of high value in today’s civilian workspaces including strong work ethic, problem solving, leadership, communication skills, dedication and analytical skills at a rate above their contemporaries and colleagues’. (1) An Employers Guide to Employing Veterans, October 2023

Businesses who actively employ veterans value the range of hard and, especially, soft skills and experience they bring to the workplace. Veterans are seen by those employers who make a point of hiring veterans as assets to their business who impact positively on their bottom line. Data from active veteran recruiters in the UK confirms a strong business case for employing veterans. And 72% of employers surveyed would definitely recommend other businesses employ veterans; only 2% would not make such a recommendation. Over half (53%) of employers report that the veterans they employ are promoted more quickly in comparison to their colleagues.  (2) Deloitte, Veterans Work: Recognising the potential of ex-Service personnel, Nov 2016

An Employers Perspective

Men Gurung, a former Gurkha, was one of the first to be part of our cyber pathways programme, and landed his first role with Wood PLC. Men’s manager, Malcolm Norman, Chief Information Security Officer at Wood PLC, sees the value in hiring veterans: “Veterans such as Men have a huge variety of experience. They have an ability to be part of a team and to lead by example. They are resilient and flexible. And most of all, they get stuck in and focus on delivering a solution.” Malcolm advocates for educating recruiters and hiring managers about the capability and talent within the veterans’ community and firmly believes SaluteMyJob helps veterans realise the value of their skills and to sell those skills, overcoming their common problem of underselling themselves. He added: “Diversity in the cybersecurity profession needs to improve. We need greater diversity in backgrounds, greater diversity in skills, greater diversity in education. The rather small pool of talent that traditionally fed the cybersecurity world is just not enough to feed the demand, nor is it diverse enough in the level of skills, experience, knowledge and capability, for the multi skilled cybersecurity teams that are needed today.”   

Three Reasons To Hire Veterans

1. Veterans Fill Skills Gaps with their Cross Functional Soft Skills & Technical Training

The skills which many veterans possess are a close match for skill shortages that employers face today, including cybersecurity, data analytics and AI. In particular, veterans have well developed cross-functional soft skills (values driven; analytical & problem solving skills; ability to work calmly under pressure; interpersonal skills; negotiation skills; good work ethic & ability to get things done to high standards; teamwork; leadership, adaptability & resourcefulness) that are in high demand.

With so many different trades in the Armed Forces, many veterans are trained and experienced in a range of technical roles, including engineering, project management, HR, policing, transport, logistics, IT and communications – all transferable to the civilian workplace.

2. Valuable Attitudes & Adaptability

Veterans bring valuable attitudes and behaviours to the workplace, such as loyalty, mission focus, willingness to accept responsibility, strong work ethic, resilience and a positive ‘can-do’ attitude. A lot of these attitudes - and their intrinsic skills are honed in highly pressurised environments, where they learn how to act decisively and calmly. They are also known for their adaptability, a skill gained from experience of working across geographies and diverse environments.

3. Loyal Employees & High Retention Rates

Many employers report increased loyalty and engagement amongst their ex-military employees. In a survey of 50 employers carried out by Deloitte 76% of employers said that veterans tend to have lower rates of sickness absence when compared to their non-veteran workforce (and are likely to be promoted more quickly). 40% also said veterans stay for longer. (3) Deloitte, Veterans Work: Recognising the potential of ex-Service personnel, Nov 2016

If you are an employer and want to learn more about employing veterans, contact us here. Or if you are a veteran looking for employment, register today - and learn more about your transferable skills in our guide

(1) An Employers Guide to Employing Veterans, October 2023

(2) Deloitte, Veterans Work: Recognising the potential of ex-Service personnel, Nov 2016

(3) Deloitte, Veterans Work: Recognising the potential of ex-Service personnel, Nov 2016
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