Career Resilience: How Veterans Thrive in the Face of Challenges

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Resilience is synonymous with the Armed Forces. A fundamental skill developed through arduous training, operational tours - and the general day-to-day responsibilities placed on Service-men and women of any rank. It is no wonder they are skilled at thriving in the face of challenges, able to bring their resilience to the Civvy workplace.

Take Alan Phillips, one of our success stories from SaluteMyJob’s Ethical Hacking Course, who believes ex-military personnel are a great-fit for any industry because of their resilience and ability to work under pressure - particularly suited to cybersecurity. He told SaluteMyJob: “I think ex-military personnel are well suited to cyber roles because of their unique transferable skills, they are well disciplined and used to working in a meticulous way. Problem solving and working under pressure. And love a challenge!” 

SaluteMyJob's Pathways Programme 

Through our innovative pathways programme, delivered in collaboration with IBM and Abertay University and supported by funding from the UK and Scottish Governments and Nominet’s Click Start initiative, we are able to provide ex-military personnel with the skills, certifications, and hands-on experience necessary for a successful transition into fulfilling second careers. What is unique, is the way we build on the strengths and experiences veterans bring to the workforce, such as resilience, adding the skills most in-demand from employers specialising in cybersecurity, data analytics and AI.

And with work placements a part of the programme, employers have the unique opportunity to witness the dedication, adaptability, and technical skills that veterans bring to the table, giving ex-military personnel the opportunity and experience to use the skills ingrained from their Service - gaining confidence in overcoming new challenges they may face in their civilian careers.

Further Benefits 

  • A free, tailored training pathway designed to realign and add to your military skills and experience to compete for jobs in cyber security, data analysis and artificial intelligence. 

  • Free access to exclusive courses to give you the skills to succeed in cybersecurity, data analytics or AI and the opportunity to acquire academic and, where applicable, professional certifications.

  • Practical and, where required, commercial experience working alongside industry experts, to help you apply theory to practice.

  • Networking opportunities, especially within the ex-military community in Forces-Friendly organisations.

  • Mentorship, career guidance and employability support to navigate your transition to a successful career in rewarding roles in supportive organisations and the civilian workplace.

  • Learn about the fast growing fields of cybersecurity, data analysis and artificial intelligence - and the opportunities they offer members to the Armed Forces community. 

  • Acquire relevant technical and practical skills. 

  • Gain practical and project skills and academic and, where applicable, the opportunity to acquire professional certifications to become competitive candidates for, and succeed in, top jobs. 

  • Get support to find work experience or employment opportunities in ‘Forces Friendly’ organisations committed to hiring from the UK military community.

Want to find out more about our pathways? Click here. And if you are an employer keen to offer work experience, or find out more about our outstanding candidates, click here

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