The Saluting Post - October 2023

  • Our Top Ten Jobs for Veterans

    Posted on Tuesday, October 24, 2023 by Jo ReynoldsNo comments

    Are you a veteran considering a change in your career path? The possibilities are vast, and your unique skill set is in high demand. Let's explore the exciting world of career opportunities waiting for you! Discover the Most In-Demand Jobs for Veterans Your experience in the Armed Forces has equipped you with a remarkable set of skills, and now is the perfect time to apply them to a new career. ...

  • How to choose your new career after the military

    Posted on Friday, October 20, 2023 by Jo ReynoldsNo comments

    When you leave the Armed Forces, you are not just seeking a new job; you will be transitioning to a different way of life and work environment. It can be a challenge to determine where your skillset and experience will fit in the commercial world. First and foremost, it’s about aligning your knowledge, skills, and experience with the right sector and job role—or a stepping-stone role that ...