What can members of the UK Armed Forces community expect working in Artificial Intelligence?

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 What is AI? What opportunities are out there? What is the salary? What skills are needed? Read on to find out more.

What is AI?

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the broad range of technology that enables computers and digital devices to learn, read, write, create, and analyse. Its presence is increasing, from chatbots which interpret natural language to handle queries, to analysing imagery for medical diagnosis, to programmes specialising in the generation of new content or media across multiple platforms.

Why are members of the military community suited to AI roles?

Military personnel are trained to be well-rounded leaders, proficient in communication with intrinsic critical thinking skills. Through training and experience, often under extreme pressure in unique environments, they have an abundance of unique, cross-functional soft-skills suited to the well-paid job roles within the AI industry. 

Their families, likewise, are full of resilient and flexible people, used to changing plans at short notice, acting on initiative, and coping with uncertainty. With frequent moves across the country, and indeed the world, they are well-suited to the remote nature of many cyber roles including those within AI.

What soft skills allow members of the military community to shine in the world of AI?

  • Analytical and problem-solving skills

  • Adaptability and resourcefulness 

  • Critical thinking and decision making

  • Values

  • Ethics

  • Persistence

  • Team skills

  • Leadership 

  • Calmness under pressure 

  • Interpersonal skills 

AI requires the ability to think critically about situations and their outputs. Coding and understanding of machine learning are broad and complex topics, needing substantial time and effort to absorb. Making decisions, ensuring compliance with ethical and legal frameworks, and working alongside diverse teams are part-and-parcel of work in AI, and are areas in which members of the military community excel.

What to expect from our AI course

Our course, delivered by Abertay University, covers a range of topics, from the origins and development of AI to advanced machine learning techniques. You will learn concepts and theories of AI, exploring their applications and implications across various domains.  By the end of the course, you'll possess the knowledge and skills to describe AI concepts, apply ML/AI techniques to real-world problems, and understand ethical considerations in AI development. Our online learning platform offers a dynamic study environment, with tutor-led sessions for additional support. In addition, SaluteMyJob hosts weekly drop-in sessions and frequent webinars to generate networks within cohorts and to bring industry experts to them.

In-demand jobs 

Indeed.com lists the following roles and salary expectations within AI for 2024:

  • Senior Data Scientist, £62,930

  • Deep Learning Engineer, £59,086

  • Big Data Engineer, £57,746

  • Machine Learning Engineer, £54,215

  • Cybersecurity Specialist, £49,734

  • Technology Risk Manager, £49,128

  • Business Intelligence Developer, £45,847

  • Robotics Engineer, £41,150

  • AI Research Scientist, £36,733

  • Data Analyst, £33,701

  • Transcriptionist, £20,939


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