Reserves & Cadet Force Volunteers Policy


SaluteMyJob Ltd supports employees who are members of, or wish to join, the Volunteer Reserve Forces.  These can be the Royal Naval Reserve, the Royal Marines Reserve, the Army Reserve and the Royal Air Force Reserve.  This document also applies to all employees with a Reserve commitment to the Crown following discharge from the regular Armed Forces.  SaluteMyJob also encourages employees to become cadet force adult volunteers and support any local cadet forces association.

This document does not apply to employees who are Armed Forces Reserves for another nation.

Two pieces of legislation apply to employees who are Armed Forces Reserves.  These are:

  • The Reserve Forces Act 1996, which enables reservists to be mobilised for full-time service.

  • The Reserve Forces (Safeguard of Employment) Act 1985 which provides protection of employment for reservists.

  • White Paper: Reserves in the Future Force 2020.



  • Employees must inform their Line Manager when they are accepted as an Armed Forces Reserve.

  • Proof of active membership of the Armed Forces Reservists is required.

  • Employees are responsible for informing their Line Manager if they cease to be an Armed Force Reserve.



SaluteMyJob will provide the following support to training of Armed Forces Reserves:

  • Special leave of up to two weeks per year (pro-rata for part-time employees) to attend annual camp, subject to discussion and approval. Of these, one week will be paid and one week will be taken as unpaid leave. The first week of Reservist training in any given year should be unpaid. It should be noted that annual holiday leave cannot be taken immediately following a two week leave for Reservist activities.

  • This is in addition to the annual leave entitlement.

  • If an employee wishes to attend additional training camps / activities throughout the year in addition to the two weeks outlined in this policy, Annual Holiday Leave must be used for this purpose. Permission for any further Reservist training can also be sought from the HR Manager but, if granted, this training will count as unpaid leave.

  • SaluteMyJob reserves the right to review this in the light of a poor sickness record.

  • SaluteMyJob offers an additional 10 days paid leave to Cadet Force Volunteer employees, plus up to 10 days unpaid leave if required.

Employees must provide their line manager with a minimum of two months’ notice prior to the leave being taken.



Armed Forces reserves may be called up into full time service. SaluteMyJob will support all those employees who are fully mobilised.  In very exceptional circumstances, SaluteMyJob may decide whether to seek exemption or deferral.



Whilst the Reserve is mobilised, SaluteMyJob has no obligation to pay salaries, which are paid by the Ministry of Defence.  Where an employee’s mobilisation results in additional costs, SaluteMyJob can claim the following from the MOD:

  • Overtime costs if other employees are used to cover the work of the reserve.

  • Costs of hiring a temporary replacement that exceeds the reserve’s earnings.

  • Costs of advertising for a replacement or agency fees.

  • Training costs for the Reserve employee when they return to work.

SaluteMyJob will provide the MOD with documentary evidence (e.g. invoices) to support any claim. Claims must be submitted within 4 weeks of the date the Reserve is demobilised.



Reserves are not entitled to annual leave whilst mobilised and not paid by SaluteMyJob.  However, Reserves do accrue leave at a rate of 2.5 days per month of active service from the MOD, which is taken as a block of ‘post tour leave’ after demobilisation.  Any SaluteMyJob annual leave not taken prior to the date of mobilisation may be carried over to the next leave year up to a maximum of 10 days.



SaluteMyJob will provide the following support to reserves on demobilisation to ensure that they are able to reintegrate into the workplace:

  • Time for updates and reorientation.

  • Specific refresher training where necessary.