Our Seven Top Tips For PreInterview Research

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If you've reached the interview stage, you should be brimming with confidence in your knowledge, skills, and experience that you can bring to the table for commercial businesses. Whether this is your inaugural interview since leaving the military or the tenth, your aim remains the same: nailing it. The pivotal first step, as you'll soon discover, is preparation. Thoroughly preparing and honing your interview skills is the key to success. For a more in-depth guide, take a look at our comprehensive post highlighting SaluteMyJob's top five tips on mastering the art of interview preparation.

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Ensure you grasp the full scope of what the company does and what the specific job you're interviewing for entails. You must be ready to field any queries about the company and the role itself. While nobody expects you to be an encyclopedia, demonstrating that you've conducted your due diligence is essential. We also recommend delving into the backgrounds of your interviewers so you know who you'll be engaging with.

Here are seven crucial questions you must be ready to answer about the company and your interviewers before you set foot in the interview room.

  1. What's the Company's Core Business? Head over to the company's website and familiarize yourself with how they define their operations. It's vital to comprehend the various facets of the business, even if they aren't directly related to your prospective role. What products or services do they offer, and how does the company generate revenue?

  2. Company Mission The company's mission is your guiding star once you step on board. Do you have a clear understanding of their mission statement? Discover their core values and assess how closely they align with your own.

  3. Who Are Their Top Competitors? Identify the company's three closest competitors. Conduct research to ascertain which contenders are excelling in the industry and how they distinguish themselves from the pack.

  4. Performance How well is the company faring? If possible, unearth their annual report. How has the company performed financially over the past three years? Is the sector it operates in experiencing growth? What challenges lie ahead for the company and the industry in the upcoming years, and how might this impact the role you're vying for?

  5. Armed Forces Affiliation? Numerous companies have pledged their support for the Armed Forces via the Armed Forces Covenant. Has the company you're interviewing with signed this covenant, and if so, what commitments have they made? Many of these organizations commit to aiding the recruitment of ex-Service personnel, making it a worthwhile area of investigation. Additionally, take note of the signatories in case you need to reference them.

  6. Stay Informed Gain genuine insights into the prospective employer by perusing their blog and social media updates. Check for recent mentions of the company in the press that you can potentially discuss during the interview. Going the extra mile in your research showcases your proactive and well-informed approach.

  7. Know Your Interviewers Utilize LinkedIn to gain insights into the backgrounds of your interviewers. This knowledge will enable you to tailor your responses effectively.

Prepare meticulously, stay informed, and project confidence—your journey from military service to the corporate world is a remarkable one, and your preparation is the bridge to your next career milestone.

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