How to WOW at a job interview

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Congratulations on securing a job interview! You've done your homework, researched the company, industry, and interviewers, and now you're all set to ace the interview. The next step is to demonstrate why you're the ideal candidate for the job.  Here are our simple steps to help you deliver that WOW factor!

  1. Present, Future, and Past

    • Present: Consider who you are now in terms of the job's requirements. Highlight your problem-solving skills, team-building abilities, or any other relevant traits using descriptive verbs to help the interviewer visualise your fit for the role.
    • Future: Emphasise what success looks like in the role. Focus on why the company should hire you instead of dwelling on the past.
    • Past: Share past experiences that showcase the qualities required for the job.
  2. Demeanour Matters

    • Start with a firm handshake and wait to be offered a seat. Maintain an upright posture throughout the interview, staying alert and engaged. Good manners may not secure the job, but their absence can be detrimental.
  3. Tone and Formality

    • Mirror the interviewer's tone and level of formality. Adapt to their style to create a comfortable atmosphere.
  4. Enthusiasm is Key

    • Show genuine enthusiasm for the role, even if it's not your top choice. Your enthusiasm leaves a lasting impression. Remember, you can only make one first impression.
  5. Build Empathy

    • Be an active listener and an effective communicator. Show empathy by summarising what the interviewer says. This builds rapport.
  6. Avoid Stereotypes

    • Be cautious with military-specific gestures, language, and jokes. What's common in the military might not be universally understood and can reinforce stereotypes.
  7. Be Proactive

    • When interviewed by senior management, don't wait for questions. Take the initiative to engage them in meaningful conversation, demonstrating your confidence and ability to relate at that level.
  8. Keep Your Cool

    • Don't be flustered if your answers are challenged; this could be a test of your response. Politely and clearly defend your position if needed.
  9. Be Memorable

    • Express your interest in the role at the end of the interview. Leave a lasting impression through your passion and commitment.
  10. Engage with the Panel

    • In a panel interview, make eye contact with each panel member. Allocate approximately 60% of your attention to the questioner and distribute the remaining 40% to others. Be attuned to their body language and adjust your responses accordingly. A friendly smile goes a long way.
  11. Express Gratitude

    • Finally, don't forget to thank the interviewer(s) for their time. It shows professionalism and appreciation.

Remember, the interview is your chance to shine and make a positive impact. Best of luck with your interview!

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