The Transferable Military Skills That'll Help You Get A Job In IT & Comms

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A career in the military teaches you many things, including valuable IT & Comms skills that are directly transferable to the civilian workplace. While serving, military personnel gain experience in everything from communication security to running a wireless network. Some individuals even supervise IT training, plan IT operations and put them into practice while managing security policies. And, when new technologies are introduced into the Armed Forces, they work alongside civilian companies to integrate new IT systems. The USP of veterans is that they can do all of this in the most pressurised of environments, in austere conditions, away from the comforts of a ‘9 - 5’ job, where their roles can change regularly and at short notice.

A range of unique soft skills combined with their technical know-how, make veterans ideal candidates for a position in the demanding world of IT and comms. In this article you will discover why.


IT & Comms technology is intertwined with everything that the military does. The Armed Forces relies heavily on devices, networks, robotics and much more in order to defend the nation. In order to do protect our country successfully, military personnel receive valuable training on all kinds of technology including:

  • Trained and experienced in area, digital, satellite and mobile communication systems.

  • Experts in the installation, maintenance and repair of IT, telephone systems, antennae systems and fibre optic networks.

  • Experience in installing and managing application software and wireless networks

  • Skilled in using multi-channel microwave radio relay.

  • Ready to build on in-depth information systems training .

  • Experienced at using IT and cyber skills to interpret and analyse communications.

  • Experienced in managing IT projects and teams.

  • Understands and manages risk.

  • Military exercises and operations instil adaptability, flexibility and resourcefulness.

  • Used to stepping into a new technical role with every posting and deployment.

  • Readily covers for senior positions at short notice.



In addition to their technological experience, military personnel have a wide range of well-developed skills that will be valuable to the ICT sector. We’ve pulled together a list help you identify them:


  • Able to use commercial hardware and software applications.

  • Able to manage a variety of networked information systems and diagnose complex network issues.

  • Advanced computing skills.

  • Vulnerability assessments and computer forensics.

  • Budget Management.

  • Risk and crisis management.


  • Well developed leadership skills.

  • Analytical thinkers and problem solvers.

  • Excellent communicators and negotiators.

  • Experienced project managers.

  • Willingness to take ownership.

  • Self disciplined, reliable with an excellent work ethic.

  • Able to multi-task.

  • Able to get things done and to ‘think outside the box’.

  • Adept at Stakeholder management.

  • Team skills - building, leading, contributing.

  • Calm under pressure. 



Thanks to all these skills and the varied technology training that veterans gain in the Armed Forces, many ex-military people leave service with a broad understanding of IT & Comms Technology. They are particularly well equipped to work in the following sectors:

  • Systems Design.

  • Electronic Data Security.

  • Integrated Electronic Systems.

  • Network Administration.

  • Operational System Testing/Evaluation.

  • Process Analysis and Improvement.

  • Programming.

  • Project/Program Management.

  • Software Administration.

  • Systems Integration/Information Architect

A number of companies recognise the value of military service leavers and veterans and actively support and hire ex-military candidates. Here are a few that offer good employment opportunities:

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