11 Of The Best Organisations To Help You Find The Right Ex-Military Job

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Finding trusted advice to help you decide which career path to take as a veteran can be difficult. So in order to help you with this process, we’ve rounded up 11 of the best organisations that offer employment support for veterans.






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    Best for: all members of The Armed Forces Community

    Offering jobseekers within the Armed Forces Community access to useful careers advice, SaluteMyJob works with experts to create helpful articles, guides and templates to help them with their employment needs. Alongside this advice, SaluteMyJob provides free training courses to help candidates to acquire new skills to improve their competitiveness for jobs.

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Best for: military personnel thinking of leaving the Forces and recent veterans

Helping to steer veterans towards the right organisation to meet their particular needs, the Veterans’ Gateway is a great place to start if you are looking for employment support. Working in partnership with other organisations, Veteran’s Gateway offers mentoring support, help with interviews and advice on starting your own business. Or, it can simply point you in the right direction to gain access to further employment support or training opportunities. 


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Best for: all veterans at any stage of their career

Through its LifeWorks courses, RBLI helps veterans – no matter how long they served in the Forces – military partners and dependents with free one-to-one employment support, advice and guidance. The courses help veterans to identify their individual skills, work out what job would suit them best and what training they might need to get there. The LifeWorks team is even on hand to personally assist veterans with writing a winning CV.




Best for: injured veterans

Working with the most disadvantaged veterans, Walking With the Wounded focuses on delivering independence to injured veterans through secure employment. As well as offering veterans specific training and support, this employment support programme also includes mental health therapy to ensure individuals succeed in their jobs.


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Best for: injured and recovering veterans

Devised to help physically or psychologically wounded veterans, Help For Heroes extends its support beyond injury rehabilitation with its welfare services. Offering individuals advice and guidance, its team can help veterans to identify and achieve their employment ambitions.


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Best for: injured veterans

Providing wounded, injured or sick ex-military personnel and reservists with veteran employment transition support, The Poppy Factory has regional consultants based around the UK to provide the individuals with the best local advice. Helping with every stage of a veteran’s job search, The Poppy Factory team assists with CVs, job research and, once a veteran has been hired, with ongoing in-work support.




Best for: former Officers

The Officers’ Association provides former officers with life-long careers support and advice. Offering each individual assistance with their job search alongside family support while they transition to civilian life, the Officer’s Association also provides its members with access to insightful events, talks and networking opportunities.




Best for: all veterans at any stage of their career

Offering comprehensive support to Service leavers, the Defence Transition Service is provided by the MOD’s Veterans UK. Recognising that a military career transition involves more than just finding a civilian job, the Defence Transition Service gives veterans access to advice and guidance on such topics as personal finance, accessing healthcare, housing costs and paying council tax. Alongside this, service leavers also receive help planning a smooth transition. 


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Best for: all veterans at any stage of their career

Recognising that Service leavers need support with their careers throughout their working lives, RFEA helps veterans with face-to-face employment advice and guidance at any stage of their employment journey. Thanks to its dedicated team of regional advisors, REFA helps veterans across the UK to understand the civilian jobs market before assisting them with their job search. The team also helps to organise access to the right training and to prepare individuals for the recruitment process with CV development support and interview advice. Assistance with finding local housing, education and welfare support is also available through RFEA.


CTP logo.jpg

10. CTP

Best for: those in the MOD's resettlement process

Working in partnership with RFEA, CTP aids ex-Forces personnel of all ranks, trades and backgrounds to find and remain in work. If eligible, Service leavers can access this veteran employment transition support service from their local Resettlement Centre for up to two years after their military discharge date. This service enables veterans to access one-to-one employment related support including career choice guidance,  assistance with the job search, advice on local networking and interview techniques.



11. VETS

Best for: all veterans at any stage of their career

Providing free guidance, resources and advice, VETS - Veterans’ Employment Transition Support – helps Service leavers to translate their military skills and experience for civilian employment. Paring veterans with both civilian and ex-military mentors to help them through the process, VETS helps with all stages of military career transition from CV preparation to interview guidance and general advice.

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