The Most In-Demand Jobs for Veterans in 2023

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Are you looking to kick-start a new career in 2023 but not sure where to start? SaluteMyJob is here to help! Here we have a look at some of the most in-demand jobs, including security cleared jobs, predicted for 2023, which are all a great fit for ex-military personnel’s unique skills and experience.


In 2022, the cybersecurity workforce gap continued to grow, with half of all UK cyber firms facing problems with technical cyber security skills gaps, either among existing staff or among job applicants. This gap is predicted to widen, and in order to address the notable skills shortage, businesses are looking for talented cybersecurity experts - with ex-military personnel a great fit for a number of roles. Not only do you have the military-honed soft skills such as leadership, work ethic, the ability to work under pressure - all sought after skills within the cyber security industry - but many of you will have the hard skills (networking, communication and a security mindset) to become successful in the industry. Why not look at our Security Operations pathway? It’s a great course to get your foot in the door and become a SOC 1 Analyst and work your way up.


There is a huge market for network security professionals, from Network Analyst - right up to experts and managers in the field. There are thousands of network security jobs currently listed now - and with the right experience and qualifications you can pave the path towards a promising career in 2023. A career in network security is constantly evolving and those with problem-solving skills and an analytical mindset and those with general security experience gained in the military will do well in this career path. Express interest in our next Network Security training pathway now! 


Penetration testers, also known as ‘ethical hackers’ -  or the good guys. Experienced in probing for vulnerabilities that hackers might be able to exploit to gather secure data and intelligence. It's a rewarding career path. Whether you are a novice - or you have some experience behind you, why not enrol in our new for 2023 Penetration Testing Pathway? SaluteMyJob is delighted to partner with Abertay University, the UK’s leading provider of advanced ‘Ethical Hacking’ courses, and the Scottish Business Resilience Centre to offer a short, tutored ‘Penetration Course’. This is one module from Abertay’s Cyber Security Degree course, shortened to approximately 8 weeks and designed to help people with military security training and experience realign and improve their skills for employment as Penetration Testers or Ethical Hackers. After that we’ll do our best to find you a work placement or job opportunity. Find out more here.


Strategic leadership skills, getting stuff done, understanding and managing risks, often in challenging environments - are all key proficiencies many ex-military personnel possess and are highly sought-after in the project and operations management profession. A report, by the Project Management Institute, has predicted 2.3 million project managers will need to fill project management-oriented roles every year to keep up with the demand. Civilian employers recognise the transferable skills of ex-military people that are well suited to civilian operations management roles - roles that will always be in-demand, in 2023 and beyond. A notable skills shortage means there has never been a better time to focus your job search efforts in project and operations management. Read our ultimate guide to getting into project management here - and begin your introduction to the project management course today. You can also read our ultimate guide into operations and apply for an introduction to Operations Management course.


Due to growing skills shortages, the top two in-demand jobs in 2023 are all engineering roles (according to a report by Hays) - Electrical Engineer and Automation Engineer. Military engineers possess a wide range of technical skills that transfer well into civvy street engineering, with fantastic salaries to match. So what are you waiting for? Discover 100’s of engineering roles on our website and apply today!

Many of these jobs in government require security clearances, which are in even greater demand (often with a salary premium}. If you have, have had or think you’re eligible, then read our guide to security clearance here.

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