An Employer's Insight Webinar: Fujitsu's Cyber Business

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SaluteMyJob hosted a webinar with John Swanson, Head of Security Offerings at Fujitsu Service. In the webinar, John offers a fascinating insight into the cyber security market, a look at leading companies within this growing market and shares his own knowledge of typical roles within cyber security and offers advice on important certifications and qualifications.

The session covers:

  • An insight into the cyber security market both globally and in the UK - including the effect Covid has had on the industry

  • An overview of Service Integrators, MSSPs, telcos, consultancy, technology providers and end user organisations

  • An informative insight into the types of roles in demand within cyber security

  • The lifecycle of how Fujitsi sell, how they deliver to customers and how they provide a service 24/7 

  • Advice on employment and recommended certifications and qualifications

  • Q&A with students from 2020’s Cyber Skillsbuild programme

Are you interested in learning more about cyber security from an employer's perspective? If so, don't miss our webinar from John Swanson, Head of Security Of...


John is ex-RAF, leaving the Armed Forces in 2007. His civilian career started at Airbus, then BT and for the last ten years he has been with Fujitsu.

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