How to Overcome The Commercial Inexperience Barrier

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Working for an employer that supports your professional development will not only enhance your career and your chances of promotion but it is also likely to make your working life more enjoyable. Discover which attributes you should look for in a potential employer to ensure that you work for the right company when you leave the Forces.  


If you have left, or are in the process of leaving the Forces, finding a new job can seem daunting. There are endless opportunities in a variety of sectors that offer exciting careers but how do you choose the right path for you? The answer is surprisingly simple. Start by taking stock of your skills and qualifications to identify the sort of role that you might be good at; then find a company that is willing to help you build on these skills to forge a good and lasting career. 

No matter what field you choose after the military, there will be one constant throughout your career – the need to progress, improve your professional hard and soft skills. Without it, not only will your role seem repetitive but your skills could quickly become outdated hindering your chances of success and promotion. 

At different stages in your career, the opportunities to learn and gain experience will vary. When you initially transition from the Forces – or into a new career – these opportunities will be plentiful and may come in many guises from internships, to work placements and apprenticeships. In some cases you may even be able to enrol on a specific military training programme in order to learn the commercial ropes. Later on, a company may help you by funding you through industry-specific training or by financing a degree. 

So, when deciding which companies to target when you do apply for jobs it is worth considering what each company might offer to you in terms of career advancement support as well as whether they will value and nurture your military skills. Businesses that look after their employees tend to have a happier, more productive workforce and therefore retain their staff much longer than those that don’t. 

Former Royal Engineers soldier Carlo now works for M-EC Consulting Development Engineers after the company helped him to gain the relevant skills.

Former Royal Engineers soldier Carlo now works for M-EC Consulting Development Engineers after the company helped him to gain the relevant skills.

One company that offers its employees life-long career advancement is M-EC Consulting Development Engineers. M-EC Consulting Development Engineers is a leading multi-disciplinary engineering and environmental consultancy that provides a range of services for both private and public sector pre-planning building and construction projects. Understanding the value of the diverse skills that military personnel bring to their business, M-EC Consulting Development Engineers is willing to help reservists and veterans into engineering consultancy roles by helping them to enhance their capabilities with on-the-job training, mentoring and work shadowing.

Not only does the company aid with their career development once they are through the door but it also considers – and hires wherever possible – military applicants who come to them without degrees or industry specific qualifications. In this instance, experience in civil engineering, surveying, geology and ground investigation or environmental engineering is preferred, though for the right person suitable transferable skills might suffice.

Such was the case for Royal Engineers soldier Carlo. After leaving the Army, Carlo found a job site testing and drilling geotechnical boreholes. With this experience under his belt, Carlo was then able to secure a job at M-EC Consulting Development Engineers working in the Ground Investigation Team as a driller. Helping Carlo to progress within the company, M-EC Consulting Development Engineers then provided him with the opportunity to take an NVQ in Land Drilling. Thanks to this support Carlo now works as Head of Site Technical Services for the company.

“At M-EC we are invested in supporting those who serve our country. We welcome job applications from those who are leaving the military or are reservists, as we feel you have many transferable skills that complement the work that we do,” says Eddie Mewies, Managing Director of M-EC Consulting Development Engineers.

Overcome the commercial inexperience barrier

Of course, it isn’t possible to transition into every role without the required expertise. However, a foundation of military skills in areas such as surveying, civil engineering, ground investigation and noise and air quality control can easily be built upon with further training.

“Joining M-EC means you are part of the family, and we invest in all our staff to help them shape and develop their careers with us. If you have the drive and ambition then M-EC will provide the opportunity to help you achieve your career aspirations,” adds Eddie.

Valuing each and every person in the company, M-EC Consulting Development Engineers offers individual employees a tailored professional development and training plan so that they can grow professionally no matter what part of the business they work in. Whether employees wish to develop their technical skills with industry-recognised qualifications, improve their managerial and leadership credentials or simply find more efficient ways of working, M-EC Consulting Development Engineers  will invest in each and everyone in the team regardless of their level or when they joined the company.

If you feel like you have the necessary skills and attributes to join M-EC Consulting Development Engineers then please do get in touch by emailing A list of their vacancies can be found on their website and through SaluteMyJob.

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