Veterans into Rail Jobs

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The Orion Group are working in partnership with the Break-Point Academy which is run by Ollie Ollerton former UK Special Forces, to recruit for their Rail division.


This opportunity will provide you with the qualifications, skills, knowledge and training to enter the forever expanding rail industry.


There are two main roles available: the standard PTS (Personal Track Safety) operative and the Skilled PTS operative, predominantly in the South of England.


A role with Orion will be determined following an initial 2 day course in the Break-Point Academy. Courses will be running in Shropshire every month.


Upon successful completion of the course, you will immediately enter onto Orion’s 2 week training course.



You must be reliable and punctual, able to work within a team as well as individually, have a good safety awareness, willing to learn new skills, and be able to communicate clearly and concisely as well as being practically minded and able to perform under pressure.


  • ●Have a good fitness level for manual jobs
  • ●Have a driving license
  • ●Be able to stay overnight away from home
  • ●Be able to do weekend working (including nights)
  • ●Have basic IT skills
  • ●English, written and spoken
  • ●Understand the Phonetic Alphabet


**You will be required to undertake a medical assessment, which is required for the PTS qualification (this includes hearing, sight and general health checks).

Orion Rail is a drug and alcohol awareness company and you must be able to pass a Network Rail drug and alcohol screening prior to employment. Random Drug & Alcohol testing will be carried out during the assessment and during your employment with Orion.**




Starting salary £30k

Permanent 45 hour basic contract

Paid Monthly

Company pension scheme and life insurance

Full Rail and Construction Training

Full PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) will be provided

Opportunity for further career development

Training is free of charge




Break-Point Academy


The Break-Point Academy Assessment lasts for 2 days.


It will consist of aptitude and physical testing which will be both indoors and outdoors, where you will perform physical and mental tasks.


You will also undertake life coaching and mindset training to help get your head in the game!


Overnight accommodation is free of charge.




Orion Rail


The Orion training course starts on the Monday after the Break-Point Academy and lasts for 2 weeks. You will then enter straight into a role with Orion.


During the Orion course, full training will be given to achieve the industry standard PTS (Personal Track Safety) qualification. This allows access to the network Rail infrastructure and is the minimum required to work on Britain’s railways.


You will also train for DCCR (Direct Current Conductor Rail) this allows you to work in a DC powered track environment and is an add-on to the PTS qualification.


Full training to achieve ICI (Industry Common Induction) will also be given which provides a common health and safety induction for rail working.


Track induction and small tools training will also be included.


Furthermore there will be CSCS training and SSSTS site supervisor training for eligible recruits.

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