Interview tips for the Ex-Military job hunt

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You’ve polished up your CV, found the jobs you’re well-suited to and made it through the first stage of the application process. Now comes the part that can make even battlefield veterans nervous: the job interview.

Interviews can take different forms. Some take place over the phone or Skype, some involve practical, aptitude or psychometric testing. The formal face-to-face interview, however, is still the most common format when you’re looking for ex-Forces jobs.

Do your research

Employers like to feel that you want to work for them specifically, so you should identify positives about the company to which you are applying. You should also have at least a working knowledge of the industry in which you’re looking to work, which could include details such as market conditions and major competitors.

Know your CV

It goes without saying that your CV should be truthful, but you should make sure that you’re familiar with everything in there, especially if it’s been a while since you wrote it. Be prepared to back up any statements you make about yourself on your CV with concrete examples of how they have applied in the real world.


You can’t anticipate everything an interviewer will ask, but there are a lot of common questions. Practice your interview with a friend, family member or even a phone camera – but when the time comes, try not to give the impression you’re answering by rote.

Make a good impression

Having served in the military, good time-keeping should be second nature to you, but it’s worth remembering that few things can put off an interview panel like a candidate who’s late. Look smart and professional and try to exude an air of calm confidence, even if that’s not exactly what you’re feeling inside.

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