Avanti Communications

  • Address: One Ariel Way
    W12 7SL


We are committed to helping the world become better connected.

As the leading Ka-band high throughput satellite capacity partner to the communications industry across EMEA, we leverage our satellite technology to protect communities and unlock opportunities for individuals, businesses, and governments all over the world.

Avanti was founded in 2002 and we now operate a fleet of 5 Ka-band satellites offering 50Ghz capacity and a fully licensed, resilient, and secure ground network of 7 Gateway Earth Stations.

Today we have the power to connect more than 1.7 billion people across 118 countries. We use our scale and expertise to make a difference by connecting those in hard-to-reach rural areas, improving access to education, medicine, and creating a safe environment for people to live and work.

Avanti. Be More.