What can members of the UK Armed Forces community expect working in Data Analytics?

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What is Data Analysis?

Data Analysts are in high-demand and it is often a well-paid career path with great prospects. Data analysts are rapidly becoming an integral and increasingly important part of any organisation and if you have experience in collaboration and an eye for detail, this pathway might be a great one for you. Data analysts are responsible for collecting, organising and analysing data and then using that information to  monitor performance, inform decision making and solve problems, working with multiple internal teams and often feeding back to management on best practice and solutions to problems.

Why are members of the military community suited to Data Analysis?

Data is everywhere and knowing how to use it correctly is a skill set that’s made data analysts needed across finance, consulting, manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, government and education. This increasing need has led to increased job stability and an noticeable increase in great career opportunities for veterans who can demonstrate their prowess in this field.

What soft skills allow members of the military community to shine in the world of data analysis?

  • Attention to detail

  • Organisation skills

  • Communication skills

  • Research and analytical skills

  • Problem solving

  • Logical approach

  • Ability to see the bigger picture

What to expect from our Data Analytics Course

This programme is ideal for individuals who are looking to unlock their potential in data analytics. It is a beginner-level programme designed to provide foundational understanding in data- analysis, enabling learners to critically evaluate data and derive actionable insights.  It also provides hands-on experience via labs and projects.  Through this programme, learners will not only gain foundational knowledge but also valuable hands-on experience that will showcase their skills.  Plus, they will earn a globally recognised digital credential and an IBM certificate.

What opportunities exist in Data Analytics?

Indeed.com, Glassdoor, and TotalJobs list the following roles and salary expectations using Data Analytics for 2024:

  • Data Analyst, £40, 490

  • Data Scientist, £51, 075

  • Business Intelligence Analyst, £44,149

  • Business Analyst, 41,830

  • Data Engineer, 47,422

  • Marketing Analytics Manager, £43,349


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